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Workforce-Related Bills Status
2019 Session

A sampling of some of the bills we're tracking this legislative session.

Bills list updated 4/10/19.


Bill Title Status
ESHB 1109 Operating budget S Passed 3rd
E2SHB 1139 Educator workforce supply S Rules 2
SHB 1210 School enrollment/military S 2nd RdConsCal
2SHB 1303 Child care/higher education S Rules 2
2SHB 1304 CTE/alt. learning exp. prgs. S Ways & Means
E2SHB 1311 College bound scholarship S Rules 2
2SHB 1424 CTE course equivalencies S Rules 2
3SHB 1498 Broadband service S Rules 2
HB 1568 Port district worker dev. S 2nd Reading
SHB 1577 K-12 computer sci. ed. data S Pres Signed
E2SHB 1593 UW behavioral health campus S Rules 2
E2SHB 1599 High school graduation reqs. S Rules 2
2SHB 1603 Economic assistance programs S Rules 2
2SHB 1668 Washington health corps S Rules 2
HB 1688 Resident student/veterans S 2nd Reading
HB 1702 Low-cost course material/CTC S 2nd Reading
HB 1714 High school diplomas by CTC S Rules 2
SHB 1715 Withholding of transcripts S Rules 2
SHB 1734 College in high school accr. S Rules 2
2SHB 1893 Postsecondary student assist S Rules 2
2SHB 1973 Dual enrollment scholarship S Rules 2
ESHB 1998 Higher ed. sexual violence S Rules 2
HB 2158 Workforce education H Finance
SB 5053 Behavioral health licensure S 2nd Reading
SB 5054 Behav. health reciprocity H Rules R
SB 5088 Computer science/high school H Passed 3rd
SSB 5166 Postsecondary religious acc. H 2nd Reading
SB 5197 National guard ed. grants H Approps
2SSB 5236 Apprenticeships H Approps
SSB 5324 Homeless student support H Rules R
E2SSB 5327 Career connected learning H Approps
2SSB 5376 Consumer data H Rules R
SSB 5385 Telemedicine payment parity H Approps
ESSB 5389 Telehealth program/youth H Approps
E2SSB 5393 College promise scholarship H Coll & Wkf Dev
ESSB 5410 Credit policy/AP, IB, CAIE H 2nd Reading
2SSB 5433 DOC/postsecondary education H 2nd Reading
ESB 5439 Employment security records H Passed 3rd
2SSB 5511 Broadband service H Rules R
SSB 5593 Running start fee waivers H Approps
SSB 5633 Behavioral health pathways H Approps
SB 5635 Behav. health professions H Approps
ESB 5755 Veteran tuition waivers H Approps
2SSB 5774 Student debt H Approps
2SSB 5800 Homeless college students H Rules R
2SSB 5846 International medical grads H Rules R
ESSB 5874 Rural sat. skill centers H Approps
2SSB 5903 Children's mental health H Rules R










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