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Policy and Research Manager: Future of Work Project - The Future of Work Task Force was established by the Washington State Legislature in April 2018.  The Task Force (TF) is charged to develop a set of policy and practice recommendations for the Legislature and state agencies that, if implemented, would create the conditions for businesses and their workers to prosper together in the current and future technological world.  This is an important and unique opportunity to make lasting, positive impact in Washington by bringing together solid experience in quantitative and qualitative research, policy development and planning, and stakeholder engagement.

The TF will be comprised of 6 business leaders, 6 labor leaders, and 4 legislators representing the 2 largest parties in both chambers. The TF will also use an open meeting process that allows for a wide range of interested stakeholders to participate in TF learning, discussions, planning, and policy development.  The TF will also be required to establish a set of success indicators and a measurement tracking system to accompany policy recommendations.

While the basic concepts, concerns, and opportunities of "The Future of Work" are ubiquitous across all media and the popular zeitgeist, the notion that both businesses and workers can prosper together has not been explored in a holistic manner, or from a public policy view.  The Policy and Research Manager ("Future of Work Manager") will be required to help the TF understand all aspects of the technological future that might impact the nexus of business and work, and prioritize the potential policy items to explore deeply. This will be accomplished through a number of different functions, strategies, and tactics, but all require working with and building consensus among the multitude of business and labor communities, providers of workforce services, education, and other interested stakeholders

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We recommend using the Careers.Wa.Gov and WorkSource website for job seeking opportunities.





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