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King County Reemployment Support Center Program

Contact: Charlie Best, Director
King County Reemployment Support Center
Seattle, WA 98121

Telephone: (206) 441-4942
Email: cbest@wc-kclc.org

Participation: 7,028 participants received Introduction to Reemployment Services and Reemployment Counseling by the King County Reemployment Support Center program between July 1, 2013 and June 30, 2014. This included services to 761 unduplicated dislocated workers and 6,267 copies of the “Job Seekers’ Update” distributed through on-site presentations, 41 employers and workforce partners across King County.

Who is Served: Those who receive lay-off notices, victims of WARN notices or are recently unemployed due to community economic distress, plant closures or significant workforce reductions are eligible. The program is not designed for the chronically unemployed or as a youth training program.

Program Description: The primary purpose is to increase the local community’s capability to help its unemployed and dislocated workers by building the capacity of the existing service delivery network. Also, the program provides Rapid Response resources through a locally coordinated, community-based response to worker dislocation. Types of individual services can include referrals to job search assistance and job referral, training referral, financial counseling, utility payment assistance, and other support services.

Other Program Characteristics: One locally based contractor provides services at the Worker Center, Seattle.

Program History: Created by the Legislature in 1987, the King County Reemployment Support Center program provides direct and referral services to people who have recently lost their jobs. The program was originally a response to the timber and salmon crisis in rural counties, as well as shipyard, manufacturing and other large-scale layoffs in urban areas.

Planning Cycle: Every two years.

Outcome Measures: Outcome measures include units of service.

Funding and Regional Division: A Seattle program serving King County is currently in operation and is funded through the Employment Security Department by a budget proviso of the Legislature.

State Funding: $120,000 (July 1, 2014-June 30, 2015) Employment Security Department Administrative Contingency Fund.

Federal Funding: None.

Statutory Authority: 3ESSB 5034 § 222(5) (2013)

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