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We approve veterans programs

The Workforce Board is one of two State Approving Agencies in Washington, charged by federal law with the responsibility of evaluating and approving programs offered at public and private education institutions statewide for veterans and those eligible for GI Bill education benefits.

The other responsible agency is the Washington Student Achievement Council, which approves degree-granting programs at private four-year institutions, on-the-job (OJT) training and apprenticeship programs, flight schools, and certification exams.

Get more information on veterans benefits at the Veteran's Administration web site.

Contact: Jim Parker, Consumer Protection Unit Manager, (360) 709-4625, John Murray, Program Specialist, (360) 709-4627, or Russell Sonmore, Consumer Protection Specialist, (360) 709-4626.

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The Workforce Board approves:

  • All career and technical certificate programs at public colleges and universities.

  • High school diploma programs for those receiving Chapter 35 VA benefits.

  • Certificate programs at private vocational schools.

  • Certificate programs at private four-year institutions.

  • Associate degrees and certificates (non-bachelor) at private career colleges.

  • Licensing exams.

  • Non-bachelor degree flight programs.








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