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TAP Accelerator: Upskill-Backfill Initiative


Governor Inslee invests $3 million in Washington's workforce system

Governor Inslee has provided approximately $3 million from federal workforce funding to accelerate implementation of Talent and Prosperity for All (TAP), Washington's workforce plan. More than half of this funding is aimed at the Upskill-Backfill Initiative.The rest is paying for competitive grants, planning, and committee work.


Read more about the seven projects selected for the first round of $1.6 million funding, and how they are designed to help Washington workers and businesses from across the state:

Additional project selected for second round of funding

Read more about this project, focused on supporting the needs of the maritime industry.


What is Upskill-Backfill?

This model joins public and business resources to improve the workplace skills of both incumbent workers and new hires--helping more Washington workers, particularly those with barriers to employment, skill up to move forward in their careers, while new workers "backfill" into newly created openings.

Additional funding set aside to help launch plan

The Governor has also designated $360,000 to help support six TAP implementation committees.

Read more about the local Workforce Development Council grants here.


Staff contact: Wesley Nguyen, (360) 709-4641


The Workforce Board is committed to providing employees and the public, including individuals with disabilities, access to its information and services. For information regarding documents, handouts, other questions, or those needing special accommodation, please contact Rebecca Reule at (360) 709-4640 or Rebecca.Reule@wtb.wa.gov.


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Get more information about funding and job creation by clicking on project links.

Upskill-Backfill one page information sheet - NEW

New study published on Upskill-Backfill

The Aspen Institute recently published an "Upskill America" study detailing why employers should focus on upskilling their employees and "backfilling" with new hires.


"This is a big win for Washington workers, our business community, and our entire workforce system. These grants ensure TAP's principles are put into practice right away, move more Washington workers up the career ladder, and provide new openings for frontline workers, especially those with employment barriers."

--Governor Inslee







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