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Public Comment Invited on Draft WIA Performance Targets

The Workforce Board staff is preparing to negotiate with the U.S. Department of Labor to reach agreement on performance targets for Workforce Investment Act (WIA) programs. These targets will apply to outcomes that will be assessed and reported during the 12 months beginning July 1. For each program, there are three performance measures. The four programs are :

  • WIA Adult – Employment and training services for adults experiencing difficulties in finding employment.
  • WIA Dislocated Workers - Employment and training services for adults dislocated from jobs in occupations in which they are unlikely to find re-employment.
  • WIA Youth – Employment and academic  programs for low-income youth.
  • Employment  Services – Job search, preparation and placement services available to all job seekers.

Comment Period: Due to federal and state deadlines, the public comment period ends Wednesday, May 27 at noon.

Send comments to workforce@wtb.wa.gov

During the transition year in which the state will be implementing the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), the WIA performance measure system continues to be in effect.

The proposed performance levels shown below are based on negotiations with regional Workforce Development Council staff, and on analysis of performance trends. For the Adult and Dislocated Worker programs, performance, while good by national standards, appears to have plateaued in the middle of a modest recovery. Current and anticipated performance in Youth programs has been negatively affected by changes in the examinations required for attaining a GED. These changes have, at least temporarily, significantly depressed Credential attainment rates. It also appears to be negatively affecting other Youth measures. For example, fewer participants may be employed because having a GED increases the chances of being hired.

The Department of Labor has informed states that they may extend their PY14 targets into PY15, with no negotiation necessary. The Employment Security Department expects the state will meet or exceed all three current Wagner-Peyser targets by the end of PY15 and believes there is no need to negotiate targets until the new WIOA measures are in place. The state has requested that DOL extend all three of the PY14 Wagner-Peyser targets into PY15.

Comment and recommendations about proposed performance levels are invited from interested parties and the public at large, and will be summarized for the state's Workforce Board to consider in accepting or modifying this proposal before it is presented to the U.S. Department of Labor.


Proposed Targets for Federal WIA Performance Measures Most Recent WIA Performance Report  Draft WIA Targets for PY 2015
 WIA - Adult Entered Employment 75.1% 75.1%
Employment Retention 83.2% 83.2%
Average Earnings - 6 months $14,185 $14,185
WIA - Dislocated Worker Entered Employment 78.9% 79.4%
Employment Retention 89.3% 89.4%
Average Earnings - 6 months $20,206 $19,807
WIA - Youth  Placement: Work or Education 61.3% 62.5%
 Credential Attainment 64.8% 61.6%
 Literacy/Numeracy: Improvement 53.1% 50.5%
Employment Services - Wagner-Peyser Act Entered Employment 62% 60.5%
Employment Retention 82% 82.0%
Average Earnings - 6 months $15,502 $15,550

Staff contact: Dave Pavelchek, Research Manager | (360) 709-4630

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