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Future of Work: Research and Resources


What does the future of work look like? See what the experts have to say.


TVW video interview with Peter Creticos, president and executive director of the Institute for Work & the Economy in Chicago. He was the featured speaker at the November 26, Future of Work Task Force meeting in Tacoma. Here he is interviewed by journalist Mike McClanahan for the weekly news show "The Impact." (November 28, 2018)

Full Peter Creticos presentation: We've got the whole thing on video on our Workforce Board YouTube Channel!. Learn about what lies ahead in balancing the interests of workers and business as automation increases. This talk touches on sustainable economies, increased productivity, stable employment opportunities, and equitable sharing of compensation.

3Q: Daron Acemoglu on technology and the future of work

MIT, 2018

Interview with Daron Acemoglu, Professor of Economics at MIT, about the labor market implications of artificial intelligence, robotics, automation, and new technologies.


Larry Summers: Urban-rural inequality and the importance of work

Harvard Business School, Managing the Future of Work 2018


Future Skilling the Workforce
The Adecco Group, The Boston Consulting Group, 2018

How to accelerate the acquisition of new skills to match the pace of change.

Aerospace Competitive Economics Study

Teal Group Corporation, 2018

Reviews strengths and weaknesses of individual states for hosting aerospace manufacturing projects.

Washington State Space Economy

BERK Consulting, Puget Sound Regional Council, 2018

Reviews economic impact of the growing commercial space industry in Washington.

Future Ready: Preparing for Tomorrow's Economy (Executive Summary)

Economic Development Research Partners (IEDC), 2018

Discusses how to make the economy "future ready"

The Future of Jobs Report

World Economic Forum, 2018

Discusses trends in skill sets, jobs, and industries.

The Online Platform Economy in 2018: Drivers, Workers, Sellers, and Lessors

JP Morgan Chase Institute, 2018

Study about the Online Platform Economy, including the transportation, non-transport, selling, and leasing sectors.

Identity in a Digital World: A new chapter in the social contract

WEF, 2018

Report on changing identities identities in an increasinigly digital world.

Data Science for Undergraduates: Opportunities and Options

National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine; 2018

Report on data science as an emerging field, and the need for more data science professionals in the future.


Digital divide is wider than federal statistics show, Microsoft study says
New York Times, 2018

Fast internet service is crucial to the modern economy, and closing the digital divide is seen as a step toward shrinking persistent gaps in economic opportunity, educational achievement and health outcomes in the U.S.

A Technology-Based Growth Policy

Gregory Tassey, Economic Policy Research Center, University of Washington, 2018

Discusses strategies related to economic growth policy.

WTIA'S Apprenti Program is Turning out SKilled Tech Workers by the Dozens, With No Tuition Costs

GeekWire, 2017

News story about the success of the Apprenti computer tech apprenticeship program.

Here are 3 alternative visions for the future of work

QRIUS, 2018

Discussing different possibilities of Industry 4.0.

Pre-apprenticeship 'fills a gap' in Longview students' career options

The Daily News, 2018

News story about a Longview pilot pre-apprenticeship program that connects high school students with local students.

How technology will change the future of work

WEF, 2016

Article on how technology is changing the future of work.


The Space Economy in Washington State

BERK Consulting, Puget Sound Regional Council, 2018

An overview of the economy of the space industry in Washington.

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Future of Work Task Force: Bios

Future of Work Meetings


Workforce Board Executive Director Eleni Papadakis is interviewed in September 2018 about the Future of Work by TVW reporter Dave Martinson.

Watch the video! (5 minutes)


How can business and labor navigate changes as technology moves forward, impacting jobs, skills, and wages.

Peter Creticos, president and executive director of the Institute for Work & the Economy in Chicago speaks to the Future of Work Task Force at their November 26, 2018 meeting in Tacoma. "Jobs are changing. That we know." Watch the interview with TVW.





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