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Veterans Affairs - Location Change

In order to continue to enroll veterans following a name or location change, the school must submit a formal request for re-approval. To facilitate this, your package should include the following items:

1. Two copies of the NEW catalog with "Certified as true and correct in content and policy (signed and dated)" on or near the cover page,

2. A Catalog Analysis Form,

3. A written form identifying the program(s) that you wish to have approved, and

4. A Designation of Certifying Officials form (VA Form 22-8794).

Here are a few common items that frequently come up during our review, and should be resolved prior to submitting your materials:

1. VA Prorated Refund. If you are not accredited by an accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education, then the VA's Pro-rated refund policy MUST be in your catalog (not just attached by an addendum) and also contained in your enrollment agreement.

2. Independent Study. If you are not accredited by an accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education, then your students may not engage in any training on their own (outside of your facility), except at authorized auxiliary locations. Authorized auxiliary locations would be inspected and approved locations listed in your approval. An example of an auxiliary location is a specific nursing home, where CNA students do their externship at. If credit is awarded for work done at home, or other disassociated place, then the program would not be able to be approved.

3. Cost of Books and Supplies included in Tuition. VA students are paid a books and supplies stipend that is designed to pay for these items. In order for an item to be included in the price of the tuition that is billed to the VA (instead of being paid for by the veteran) it must be proprietary (you own the rights to it), it must be required of every student, and it cannot be readily available elsewhere.

4. Adding the cost of Third Party Fees in the amount charged for Tuition. The VA cannot reimburse third party fees (amounts collected from the VA on behalf students that are then paid to a third party). Some examples of such a fee would be a drug testing fee, a CDL driving test fee, or a licensing fee. In many cases the VA can reimburse the student for these fees, if the student pays it directly.

5. Including Registration Fees with the amount charged for Tuition. The student is responsible for paying this fee, as the VA does not pay for registration fees. The VA will not pay the school, nor will it reimburse the student.

Please forward these items to:

State Approving Agency

Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board

P.O. Box 43015

Olympia, WA 98504-3105


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