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Washington Service Corps/Americorps

Employment Security Department

Telephone: 1-888-713-6080
E-mail: wscmail@esd.wa.gov

State Website: washingtonservicecorps.org

Participation: 792 individuals were enrolled through the Washington Service Corps to serve across Washington state as members in AmeriCorps*State projects in September 2017 through August 2018.

Who is Served:
The program serves participants 17 years and older who are a citizen or a permanent resident alien.

Program Description: Washington Service Corps (WSC) engages people across the state in full-time service projects benefiting their local communities. It was formed in anticipation of a national program to establish a service delivery system and provide state matching funds. With the advent of the federal AmeriCorps program, WSC developed a broad-based program to involve service opportunities for Washington residents, both in teams and as individuals. In partnership with local sponsors, such as school districts, local governments and non-profits, WSC promotes work ethic and the satisfaction and skills learned by “getting things done.” AmeriCorps is a service program, not a workforce or training program. Although members receive some job and work maturity skills training, it is not the intent or the focus of the program.

Other Program Characteristics: Members who complete their term of service (normally 10 1/2 months) are eligible to receive a federally funded education award, aligned with the Pell Grant, currently $5,815. The award is held in trust and paid to educational institutions or to sponsors of federally guaranteed student loans. AmeriCorps members must have completed high school or received a GED before using their educational awards.

Program History: The WSC was founded in 1983 to involve young adults in their communities. WSC placed 18 to 25-year-olds in six-month projects and supported them with a minimal living allowance. In 1993, AmeriCorps was created by the federal government to give Americans an opportunity to serve their communities and earn educational benefits. WSC has been a major provider of AmeriCorps services since the program was launched in 1994, to become one of the largest state competitive grant programs in the nation.

Planning Cycle: Every three years.

Outcome Measures: Each AmeriCorps project establishes performance measures aligned with the prescribed national performance measure focus areas that include Education, Disaster Services, Economic Opportunity, Health Access/Education, Environmental Stewardship, and Veteran Services. Each performance measure is defined by establishing targeted outputs and outcomes.

Funding: AmeriCorps competitive grants are awarded for a three-year cycle with an annual renewal Continuation process. Annual member placement fee required at grant established level. The member placement fee is provided by a variety of sources from project sites. WSC is a statewide program administered by the Employment Security Department.

State Funding: Approximately $950,000 annually, from the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction as local matching funds for the Washington Reading Corps.

Federal Funding: (September 1, 2017-August 31, 2018) $7,149,870 from the Corporation for National and Community Service through Serve Washington (the state’s Commission for National and Community Service) for the Washington Service Corps AmeriCorps program; $2,790,000 from the Corporation for National and Community Service through Serve Washington for the Washington Reading Corps program.

Statutory Authority: RCW 50.65. Administered by the Employment Security Department.


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